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Traffic Violations

If you have received a New York traffic ticket, our attorneys can help.

Many people who receive traffic tickets believe they have no option but to pay the ticket. However paying a traffic ticket can often have unforeseen consequences beyond simply paying a fine. These tickets can add points to your driver's license, increase your insurance, or even result in suspension or revocation of your license.

You have rights.  Instead of just pleading guilty, why not fight your tickets with an experienced traffic violations attorney???

We offer reasonable flat rate fees that cost less than you may think.

In most cases you do not need to show up to court at all!!

Why should you take the day off of work??  One of our trained traffic violations attorneys will appear on your behalf and fight your ticket for you.  

Your legal options will vary based on what type of ticket you received and where you received it.

New York City & Suffolk County Traffic Tickets

In New York City and in most parts of Suffolk County, traffic tickets are heard before the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB).  The TVB is not a traditional court.  Instead it is an administrative hearing run by the DMV. 

As a result, the Traffic Violations Bureau does not afford you the same rights that you would have before a criminal or village court.  

First, there is no plea bargaining in the Traffic Violations Bureau.  The judge does not have the authority to reduce or amend your ticket, and the judge cannot reduce the number of points that will be applied to your license if you are convicted.  

In addition, in a TVB hearing a police officer is allowed to use hearsay testimony.  This ordinarily would not be allowed in a criminal or village court.

Finally the Traffic Violations Bureau does not require the officer to prove your guilt by "beyond a reasonable doubt" and instead requires a much lower standard of proof.

As a result, winning traffic tickets before the Traffic Violations Bureau usually comes down to legal technicalities and deficiencies in the officer's testimony.  One of our trained traffic violation attorneys will review the officer's testimony and supporting notes, and cross examine that officer vigorously.  By exposing legal problems with the officer's case, we are often able to move the court to dismiss your ticket entirely.  

Nassau / Westchester County and Village Court tickets

If you received a ticket in Nassau or Westchester counties (or some village/town courts in Suffolk) then you have many more legal options at your disposal.  For these reason it's important that you contact a trained traffic violation attorney immediately after receiving a ticket.

In many of these courts you are afforded your full rights under the criminal procedure law.  This includes the right to file written motions, demands for supporting depositions and motions to dismiss.  

Many of these motions can be filed before your case even goes to court.  

In addition, you may be able to plea bargain your case in order to avoid or reduce points on your license, or prevent your license from being suspended or revoked.  

Upstate New York Tickets

Our office also represents clients with various traffic tickets throughout upstate New York.  This is particularly useful for clients who wish to fight their traffic tickets, but often live very far away from the court hearing the case.  

In these situations, one of our experienced attorneys can appear on your behalf and fight these tickets for you.

To find out more information about your legal rights when fighting a New York traffic ticket, please Contact our office today to speak to one of our experienced attorneys.